Quite Empty Office

You can look at everyone’s face… nobody seems to really have the mood to work. Neither do I… Feel so sleepy still. Today WZ is on course. So good…

No, I’m not in a bad mood today but sometimes, I just find some people rather irritating. It’s like everything, they come and check with you, regardless of whether you are an expert of not. I’m NOT an EXPERT. There are a lot of things which I also don’t know. WHY come and ask me for everything and anything? Hey dude! You’ve look for the wrong person!

My right wrist is getting painful… Probably I need to rest it. At times, I can’t even seem to open a door, that’s how bad. What can I do? Nadi told me to stop doing IT altogether. =.=”’

I think I really love my Darling a lot. Of course, he loves me a lot too. But sometimes he’s really a pain in the ass! Kept saying me until I feel so *sian*… Are all guys like that?

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