Holiday Moooood => SPOILED

Oh! Today is really quiet! The office seems to be half emptied. EZ sick and is on MC. EY, SK and HB all went for holiday… *Singing: Lonely… I’m Miss Lonely…* Sigh… Wonder if I should go and take my own lunch today. Or maybe I should just buy the food back and eat in the office. Life is slow today… And my money is almost gone… *SOB*

TMD!! I REALLY HATE OCBC! F*** one! Charge me $5 interest because their cut-off date is on the 11th! FUCK! I wasn’t even told! Its not stated in any letter! TMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May your whole bank CLOSED DOWN! I DON’T CARE BECAUSE I NEVER PUT MY MONEY THERE!!!!!!!!

Yeah! Darling agreed to help me call OCBC and scold them tomorrow!! ^^ SO GOOD!!!

Heard something scary from my sister… QR was going home late one night. Then as she walked… she heard someone calling out her name. On the second time, she turned around and saw no one there, so she quickly ran back home. Subsequently, she fell sick… And when she finally recovered, she went for dinner in a restaurant with her bf. Then out of nowhere, the shelf beside her suddenly just toppled and all the glass ornaments all shattered. Luckily she sat a bit slanted, else probably she’ll end up in hospital now.

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