Eve… Don’t Pissed Me Off

I’m at work. 2 more hours to go but I think I’m a bit slightly pissed. I’m still writing test cases… Yes… I haven’t been doing my things. By right, I’m only helping for one day. Out of courtesy, I’ll try to finish up. But then… sometimes things doesn’t seem that way. They just assume that you will continue to do UNTIL next week. TMD.

Going home! I’m not going to care if I finished it or not! I’m going home to celebrate CNY!

Oh… A lot of things went wrong… Reached home, buffet never come. Apparently when the person called to confirm, she mentioned the 6th of February. But the email confirmation is on the 8th of February. And when you called, nobody picked up the phone. Me, WZ and my sister had to go to NTUC to buy the food for 30 people, for steamboat. =.=”’ Then after finally having my lunch at almost 4pm, I went to WZ’s place for dinner again. The movie was cancelled because Leon was late. The movie starts at 9.45pm. He called at 9pm to say that he’ll be late, going to fetch his gf who stays in Bedok, then coming to fetch us at 9.40pm. =.=”’ WZ was so pissed off so we didn’t go for the movie. Had wanted to go Chinatown with my family but there isn’t enough seats because DW, my sister and Uncle Robert were ALL drunk. =.=”’ Only my dad drives… so… I slept at WZ’s house till 2am before my parents came and picked me up. Great…

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