Zhu Zhu Came On CNY Day 1

It’s the first day of Chinese New Year and my whole family only managed to wake up at around 10am. Late, very very late this year. By noon, Uncle Robert and Andrew had came and we were still in our nice PJs. ^^ When we finally went out, it was already like 2pm. Same as usual, we went to Mai Po’s house at MacPherson first, before heading to Uncle Ah Li’s and Ah Peh’s house around Ubi area. By the time we reached Uncle Ah Hock’s house at Tampines, all of us were already very tired. KL bought a car… 9990, Mitsubishi Lancer EX. I still think that she should buy something smaller for a start. But well, that’s her decision. Apparently her whole company, a group of them, went to get the same car and the same car plate number. Then my sister went to fetch Skyes (wearing the RED shirt my sister got for him for Christmas present) at his grandmother’s place at Serangoon and we headed home, tired. Ah Pi they all came after that and it was until really late then we played MJ till around 2am. Lose around $4. Sent Skyes back home after that. Slept around 4am. Shagged.

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