I Went On CNY Day 2

Woke up around 10am again and went to WZ’s house. Dad sent me there while he and my mum shopped around Chinatown. CNY… A time to be tired… *Yawn* Anyway, bai nian with WZ’s mum, who was sleeping while I reached. Then bugged WZ to go to my house for the buffet which was supposed to be for the eve. Actually I think he had already planned to go. Just that he likes me to keep asking him to go… =.=”’ Finally after a looooooong while, we finished preparing and went off, back to my house where the food finally came. Not too bad, I mean the food. The plastic cutlery was nice, gold plates and transparent forks and spoons. The kids were having lots of fun, running here and there. It was only till the evening before we played MJ again. I won $13! ^^ Managed to kidnap WZ in my house overnight. Seriously… it’s quite tiring to send him home late at night. So might as well stay over… Slept around 3am again… Face is rotting…

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