Kidnapped On CNY Day 3

Third day… Zhu Zhu woke up early at 10am, took a bus and went home. Why? His mum on leave today. Oh well… I changed and we went to Joseph’s house. Sat there, chit chat, watch TV till around 3pm and we headed for Andrew’s house. It’s quite nice that both of them moved back to around this area. Joseph’s house was rather nice but as for Andrew’s… I would say… They’ve got too many things. It’s messy. Left around 4pm and then Ah Pi ordered popiah to eat. Those that you wrapped on your own. I ate two before leaving for Chinatown. Having dinner with WZ’s relatives. Awkward but guess I’ll get used to it… I mean, not the dinner but his aunties giving me Ang Baos. Got kidnapped/seduced by him when he said a whole load of rubbish! ^^ Heehee… But… Yes, I DO like to hug him to sleep… Slept earlier…

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