CC’s House On CNY Day 4

WZ really knows how to “drag” time. Had promised to reach CC’s house at 12pm but he still dili-dali… Terrible. We took a cab back and prepared to go CC’s house. But in the end we were late, because CC told me that it will start at 1pm. We took Dad’s car and reached slightly past 1pm. Then we had the steamboat and poker cards after that. It was so funny watching them playing the cards. Ah Bee was making a lot of noise. Boon don’t let Ah Bee go home because she won a lot of money. In the end, Bee, DLSL and WZ won money. Bee the BIGGEST winner. And as we were about to go, Bee left an Ang Bao of money which she won, to CC. *weird* Anyway, I was unluckily chosen to organize for the lao yu sheng on the coming Sunday… Sigh… WZ stayed at my house that day. *LOL*

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