Mommy… It’s Over… *CRY*

Oh… I’m back at work. Oh… I hate work. Oh… I missed my Darling. Its almost lunch. Woke up really early this morning because Zhu Zhu slept at my house last night. Dad sent him home before bringing me and my mum to the Mount Faber (don’t ask me why) where he exercised while the 2 of us slept. When it’s almost 9am, then he sent me to work. Then WT asked me if titles matter… Yes, definitely, no matter how small it is… there will still be a slight difference. Even if you go out and find work, there’s A difference. Anyway, then came LJ… sometimes… I really don’t like the way he worked. TMD… I spent the whole of last week helping him to do the testcases and it’s AS IF, I HAVE to do it… Come on! I’m helping you because nobody else can helped you already and then I had to stop what I’m doing. But now, although I DID promise you, but I tried as much as I could. Still TMD.

Went for company dinner after a whole day of rushing for the deployment for data migration where there’s a lot of errors. The food? Not that nice but at least I get to eat with a group of I-kind-of-like people.

WISDOM of the DAY: DON’T ever help other people when you haven’t finished your work. They WON’T be grateful to you. They’ll just think you are DUMB.

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