To Hell With OCBC!

Terrible… TERRIBLE! 4th time I called OCBC… First time, I received my EasiCredit bill with an extra charge of $5 (don’t know for what) and then I need to pay for the first installment for a hp which I haven’t got. So I called them and the guy told me that I can’t waived off the $5 because its a late payment. I was so pissed off till I hung up. Second time, I called to ask what exactly is the $5 again and they told me they’ll check and get back to me regarding this and the hp, which they haven’t after hours later. Third time, I called again regarding the above two and FINALLY, they agreed to waive it off for me and said they’ll get back to me regarding the hp. Now, which is today, for the 4th time, after a week since my last call, I HAVEN’T received any call from them, neither any letter… What’s worse? I never receive my OCBC Titanium bills which normally the payment will be due on the 15th of every month! SHIT THEM!

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