Level 8, 112 Robinson Road

Went to tighten my braces in th emorning. Pain… VERY pain… It’s been a long time since I felt such pain before. Can hardly eat but… I’m hungry… Anyway, went to the new office at Robinson Road after my dental appointment and unpacked my things. Took a video of the whole office. It’s rather big, the whole area but the individual tables are so much smaller than the previous. Probably that explains about the “increased” number of tables. I didn’t stay for long and went to Zhu Zhu’s house, which was only a less than 15 minutes ride from the UIC bus stop! Then… the headache thing came… We were supposed to be resting/sleeping, in the end, we spent the whole evening try to think if we should, or should not buy a car. Lancer or Picanto. Conclusion: Lancer is out because its WAY out of our cost. He wanted to pay everything by himself, which is unlikely. So I offered to pay for the monthly installment, while he forked out for the rest of the things. Other than that, we still don’t really know if we want to buy… Later at night, we went to Ken’s grandmother’s funeral near his area, and stayed there for a while before we went home and sleep.

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