To Buy? Or Not To Buy?

We woke up early in the morning and went to the Gym. I HAD to… If not WZ kept saying that I’m FATTER… =.=”’ Anyway… WZ kept thinking of the car and for the whole day, he didn’t have the appetite to eat. We went TPY to collect my sister’s hp, then we went down to Alexandra showroom to test out the car. I know that WZ wanted a car a lot, its just that if we were to get a car, he won’t have money to save at all… Well… I guessed by the time when we(he) really decided that we should get a car, he’s sick already (I still think that he stressed himself too much). April… the car will come. $25,000, monthly installment of $260. A free 46″ Samsung LCD TV. That’s about it. $1,500 for deposit.

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