New Office, New Name

Xuenn Pte Ltd… System Analyst? Oh… everything is changing. Even the way I wear had to change. Terrible. Today is the first day I’m reporting to work at the new office. Excited? Maybe… but it really seems very different. I left home at 8.15am. Reached the MRT at around 8.25am. Reached Chinatown MRT at 8.50am and started a slow walk towards my office. Reached there at 9.10am. The door was unlocked. That’s it. It’s weird. Had lunch at the bridge with IC and SK. Weird… They talked about shares. Hmm… Weird. All the people around us wore so nicely and walked so fast. Sigh… What are we in?

Yes! Darling’s bank loan approved! Which means no need guarantor! Just heard from WZ that Leon did something stupid. He trusted someone to “up” his items and so he gave him his login account ID and password and TADA! All his things are gone! =.=”’ Can’t believe he actually did that…

It’s weird when everyone can use their index finger for the biometric door access and I can’t… for all my fingers except the 2 thumbs… And my PM and EY said that only 2 kinds of people have to use thumbs – old people or baby. Damn… I hope I belongs to the latter one… Going to meet CT later.

It’s so funny to see CT knitting. I’m like that when I first started. Kind of like the colour she chosen but don’t want to have the same as hers. Sigh… Money… Maybe it’s really the problem but I’m only trying not to spend so much.

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