Extremely Exhausted

I don’t just feel tired, I felt exhausted. Couldn’t help it but cried last night. It’s exhausting… it’s like fighting a war everyday… EVERYDAY… I’ve got so many things on my hand but they just kept throwing things down. And then the ONLY resource which I had – HB… now they asked him to do other things also. WTF! Do they seriously know how to manager resources? I DON’T THINK SO… Looking at the way things are being done. And A LOT of things which I asked them to verify A LONG TIME AGO… Now then give me the answers. TMD! Very fun right?!

Sometimes… I’m really sick of here… But the money pulls me back… Will there be a day where I’m free of debts?

IC just now came and told me that there’s a position for FA because BY needed some help, and asked if I’m interested. OF COURSE! I’m so sicking of coding! Not really THAT sick but just looking at a future prospective… it’s difficult for me to fight it out with the guys. I mean… look around please… Well, I’m just given my first assignment. Better do it well. ^^

Oh… my eyes are blurry… I can’t think anymore… I left office at 11.30pm and went to Zhu’s house. Tired and irritated. He’s still playing game. Again… Never even hug me… Sigh…

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