Genting… Nice Weather

Yes! I’m at Genting at 4.30am! So nice… to get away from work. Tired? Yes, but happy. It seems quite a long while since I’ve had my last holiday, some more with my Darling! ^^ We had our breakfast at MarryBrown and then went to take our room at 8am. It was terrible. The room was pathetic. We had to walk from the main lobby in the Theme Park Hotel, which was at level 6, take a lift to the level 7 (which looks so dark), then walk a long distance to the extension, then take another lift to level 5, before walking a long deserted corridor to our room. =.=”’ Trust me, when we opened the door, my first thought was “Damn… don’t tell me that I need to stay here for the rest of my holiday”. Well, we didn’t. Apparently my Godma didn’t like it either, so we called and asked for a change of room. Which tada! We changed to one in the main lobby, just renovated, a cornered room which was SO SPACIOUS and NEW! *GRIN* Luckily I called… else I think I would have rather be home.

The weather is so nice!!!! We had a GREAT buffet at Genting Hotel. And you know what? I think I must be rather stress back at home because my 2-weeks-delayed-menses actually came! On the first day that I reached here some more! Sigh…

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