Used To It

Oh, I’m already used to it. Always saying that we’ll meet but when I’m free, he will tell me that he’s not. But I’m really used to it, for a friend anyway. I rather meet my Zhu Zhu seriously. So cute! He just told me that he had a bad dream last night. I asked him if he dreamt of coloured dots chasing after him but he said no. He dreamt that some people bullied me and he went to borrow a blunt penknife and cut their throat! *faintz*

I’m back at home. So tired… My sister haven’t paid me back for her phone. Sometimes I really wonder why she still want to spend money when she don’t have the money. Don’t she know that, she always overspend? Sigh… $198 already… I don’t wish to accumulate it till $700++, the total cost for the phone. That will be totally redundant. Maybe should get the total amount from her then after that I slowly pay that stupid OCBC off! Alright, no more complaining, I need to go and do my work already. Later if got time, maybe will go Viwawa to play mahjong! IF… I have the time…

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