Ready To “Chiong”?

I thought through those things that I’m tasked to do. It’s a lot. I really mean a lot. But I can’t give up half way now. I have to get to where I am. Either the FA side, or the PM side… My current Indian PM? Sigh… Terrible… Trust me, I seldom work with him, but when I do, working with him is a terrible thing. I’m not racist. Never am. So when I do work with him, I see the whole. He sucks.

Alright… my fire dying down… 6 hours straight of almost-non-stop of working. Tired. Stella here, Stella there, Stella everywhere…

What is the point of working hard for them? Now at the last minute, then start to consider and worry about this and that and THAT. Aren’t this SUPPOSED to be done MUCH earlier? Our things are completed but the process ain’t ready for all these things. And now they panic…

I feel like crying… Tired beyond words. Can’t complain either. *SOB* DBA in jungle… Later meeting Jon for dinner. But maybe I would prefer to meet my Zhu Zhu. But sometimes, I think, I still need to talk to friends. Darling need to study also. Exams coming.

“Stag-flation”, that’s what Jon said. Meaning? Stagnant but yet there’s inflation. Doesn’t sound good huh? Anyway, he seems the same, never really changed much (character wise), still single but think he got receding hair-line. Well, nice to see him again. ^^

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