Draggy Zhu Zhu

Guess where I am now on a Friday morning, at 8am? Well, I am in the office! ^^ What am I doing here so early? Because my dearest, extremely draggy Zhu Zhu remembered everything that he needs to bring EXCEPT a copy of the email. =.=”’ I woke up, then went to the toilet, then suddenly just thought of asking him about that email and TADA! I actually hit the jackpot! He forgotten and then that’s it, stuck there. I think he really need to train himself to remain calm. What to do? I rushed him to my work place and print it for him. Hope everything went well… He bugged me till quite late last night. What’s with all the interview? O.O”’ Sigh… Now… Let me eat my chee cheong fun first before I start work.

Hmm… I think I’m getting better in the things that I do at work! I can actually analyze everything! But oh well, just now my Indian PM came to talk to me and asked me about the change job career path – FA. Yes, of course I will take this opportunity. Looking at where my company is going, I need to get off the technical path. And some more… I really am not very interested in it. *giggles*

Every half an hour… I’ve got someone telling me to check something, change something, do something new. Give me a break! My battery’s flat! FLAT! F.L.A.T. FLAT!

Crazy… Go up on the 17th March… Damn… Can’t drag till my dental appointment. Damn.

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