Fu4 Xin1 De4 Ren2

Sigh… so sad… my Zhu Zhu don’t love me anymore… *SOB*… Now he want to put down the phone, don’t want to talk to me… *SOB*… Oh no! And he want to use his BB to slap me! *CRY*…

Back at work already. Today is the day of deployment for the 6 tickets. Better hope that everything will run smoothly.

Yeah! I’m so happy! The 6 tickets are up! ^^ *DANCE AROUND* Yes! One more hour! Then if no error, me and HB will go celebrate!

Really been quite a while since I go “pak tor” with my Darling alone. Either he’s busy and tired from studies, or I’m too busy and tired from my work. Sigh… Hope it doesn’t affect our relationship… And the bloody flats. So many people are applying for it! I think I don’t need to get married already.

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