3rd Year Already – Goddad

I hate to smell the smoke from smokers early in the morning! Today, I was taking the MRT and there’s this very foul smell. Like something is rotting somewhere. Then as I walked to the office, there’s this guy who was on the phone, he was smoking and talking on the phone at the same time, AND holding his breakfast on the other… Smokers… Can’t even stop for a while. Sigh… And then there’s my Indian PM… I wonder how MANY times I HAD reminded him about my ONE ticket, saying that it NEEDS to be deployed BEFORE the rest of the projects. Damn it! Is my ONE ticket NOT that IMPORTANT! =.=”’ Hmm… it’s the third year already since 2005. Wonder… how is he…?
I realised something. Everytime, the moment I want to talk to my Indian PM. BEFORE he even HEARD what I SAID, he will just say “NO. NO. NO. NO.” F!! Why kept saying that?! You haven’t even heard what I said! And well, that applies to like another 2 of my other Indian colleagues. Damn… I’m never racist. But they are making me stereotyping ALL of them! No, no, no, no, no… =.=”’

I went to Chinatown to buy some facial products. What I saw? A group of people complaining about Chinese taking over Singapore. One (I supposed) guy who dolled up into a girl till I hardly notice till he speaks and weirdly, he’s wearing a bra (@Body Shop). One (I supposed) girl who looked like a big-size guy. Weird day.

OG Private Sale… Terrible… Packed until crazy. As if those items all no need money. =.=”’

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