Very Bad Day

Today is a very, very bad day. I put down the phone with Darling at around 1am. Then 10 minutes later, the hp rang again. I thought it’s Zhu Zhu. But then… I saw the number… no idea who is it. I picked up the phone and a familiar voice said, “Stella, I’m here to chat with you. There’s this problem…”. There it goes… start of the searching of the bug. The server hang in Production. I’m here to help. But… after hours of trying to debug, I couldn’t find anything. Damn… and soon, it was 4am. Sigh… Notebook can’t detect wireless. Haven’t set up the webcam. What’s worse?! I have to rush to my dental appointment, but luckily I managed to fix it. And then now I’m back in this stupid idiotic environment.

Sometimes I really am very pissed. It’s not as if I NEVER ask… I did… and a few times to different people. But none seems to tell me that the deployment for migration is TOMORROW. F! WTF! And still give me that kind of shocking look!

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