Me Ne Frego.

EY said it means “I don’t give a damn”, in Italian. I really don’t, when they don’t. Asking me to fly alone… Ridiculous. Bad arrangement for everything. But seriously, she don’t really care. She’s the kind that throw a thing to you and she expects everything to be completed, nicely. =.=”’ Ask her to wake up her idea. I’m not going to care. Sometimes, if you think carefully. What is the point of working so hard for people who don’t really know how to take care of you. Bloody hell…

I woke up at 8am today. Surfed the internet and played MJ online. All the way till I meet WZ in the evening. He’s working and got classes today. I met him and we went for dinner at Manhattan. Wasn’t too bad. Then we went to buy his shoes at Everbest before watching the movie – Spiderwick. It’s quite a nice story but the way the monster died… Hmm… Well, I can only say, it’s a movie more suitable for the kids. But then again, it’s quite a nice day to go “pak-tor-ing” with my Darling. ^^

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