I went to the meeting. The whole thing is going to drag till 30th April. Bad… my dental appointment is on the 3rd of May. Does that mean I will have to postpone again? But… if by the 15th of April, they decided not to launch. That will mean all our effort will be lost. IC just now came to talk to me, and said that I may need to only go slightly later. Sigh… What is the arrangement now? I HAVE NO IDEA. Bad… The person sucks! (To whoever is arranging all these)

Guess what? I don’t need to go to PHP till further notice… that’s like around mid of April? ^^ But there’s another problem… I don’t know when I can go for my dental appointment. I’m supposed to go AFTER the 24th of April, which I might be asked go to the PHP already. How? Dilemma… But nonetheless, I’m still happy that I don’t have to go now. And that will mean, I CAN CELEBRATE MY DARLING’S BIRTHDAY! *LOL*

We went to Ichiban Sushi to celebrate DW’s birthday in advance. Cost $125. Hmm… I wonder how we are going to split it? Anyway, DW going to M’sia with that girl whom I saw at the beach some time ago, a teacher who look so man. *don’t like that kind of feeling* She’s been hanging out with DW lately. Weird… But what to do. DW’s friend, the one I met in Aussie, is launching an album. She’s singing. Hmm… Tracy Wong? Heard of it? Not Wang Ying Ying ok!

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