Luckily, I’m Not Going

I’m not going to work today. Throat pain like hell. Then seriously, my head’s kind of heavy. I think I’m really going to be sick soon. Luckily, I’m not going to PHP today. Imagine if I need to go when I’m sick, and have to go alone, my mum will be worried sick! I just sms HB and PK. Sigh… that PK… terrible… There’s a reason why I don’t feel like being a developer. It’s the lowest. People commands you around. Thats someone whom I don’t like to be. I just hope it’s faster. Now I don’t even know if the project is going up.

I slept for the whole day until dinner time. Brain dead. Extremely tired from the medication. Don’t even have the strength to look at my work, a work which I kind of treasured. Anyway, my sister bought a birthday cake for DW and while we are at Godmum’s house, my Zhu Zhu called me. Guess where is he? He’s outside my house!! ^^ With a bottle of… remember the saga seeds which he picked up at Sentosa while having his team building? And the bottle which his mum put directly in front of my face while I’m surfing the computer, which made him so pissed off. He brought it to me with some little notes inside… which I don’t have the strength to open up and see. But… it’s really nice to see him, plus his loving and tender ‘nursing’. Oh, he went home at around 11pm. I didn’t stop him. No strength + I didn’t want to spread it to him. His exams is coming, next week. But just… I love him so much!

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