She Took The Donation Money

I was so busy and tired yesterday, till when I reached home, I continued to work. I’ve got a lot of things to write, but just don’t have the time. But… sigh… the day before, me and my mum were still saying that my sister’s piggy bank was empty with dollar notes. And yesterday, after I came back to my seat talking to LL, I saw an sms from my sister telling me not to be shock if I’m unable to find the donation money. That’s because she took it as she’s short of small notes. =.=”’ It’s so difficult to believe that she’s short of small notes… It’s sad… I still have no idea where she spend the money to. Maybe I do. A little bit here and there can accumulate to quite a lot. But… it’s a bit too much isn’t it? That day I saw a letter for her from the law firm again. Again. Sigh… when will this stop? My work is still the same. That I. PM is still the same. Talked to LL and she said that she’ll try and push me to FA since my I. PM don’t seem to be doing anything. C’mon, he’s short of people helping him to do things and YET he’s pushing HB to the NewG team! I thought he already planned carefully and that’s why I never stopped. TMD… what is this? And seriously after 3 or 4 months then let me go, it’s a bit too late. BY need someone after the A Project, not 3 or 4 months later… WTF he’s trying to do! Today is DW’s birthday. She’s in Genting with that… HL…

Today my dad is a little bit funny. We went out for lunch even though I ain’t feeling really well. So when I board the car, I just kept quiet in a corner and slept while my mum, godma and sister went rattling about. And then out of nowhere, my dad asked, “TM never come with us?” =.=”’ I was sitting right behind him and he couldn’t see me, probably thats the reason why he thought I wasn’t in the car. We went and took our lunch at Thomson Plaza, shopped at Junction 8 after that and went home. Then as we board the car, my dad took off without me closing my door yet! =.=”’ And as we went passed the gantry, the thing never lift up and my dad started complaining that it’s still the OLD system and had not changed to using the ERP yet. Sigh… in actual fact, it’s because he hadn’t put in the cash card. =.=”’ OH. MY. GOD.

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