When? I Don’t Know.

It’s a bit saddening to know that… or at least after some realistic calculation, that I won’t be, or more correctly, financially unable to get married nor get a house in next year – 2009. I mean, not that I’m dying to get married then, but… sigh… I’m 28 this year already. I don’t really want to get married after the age of 30. I mean, my mentality is – what’s the point? 2 more years, probably I’ll look older, more wrinkled, fatter and I probably can support myself. Imagine if I really do get married in January 2010. Give me a year, and in January 2011 I’m pregnant, that would mean I’ll have my first rabbit baby when I’m 31 years old. My mum is 60 and my dad is 62, AND my sister 35. Wow… so where’s my second baby? Not too good to give birth too late. But neither do I want to get married and have a baby straight away. C’mon, like what WZ said, it defeats the purpose of me, wanting a couple life IF our flat (if we managed to get it) arrives in 2011 (which I predicted probably will be in Q2 2011). Damn… I think I draw down better… There’s simply too many things already.

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