Sleepless Nights

So fast… 3 days gone and I’m back to work. Back to face my PM. I can’t say he’s bad, but sometimes he just gets on my nerves. But it’s nice to see my colleagues. Today we’ll be having a farewell lunch with GF. He quitted. Tomorrow is his last day at Xuenn. I still hadn’t asked him why. He started the work here with me around the same time. Maybe… I should ask… Today WZ having his first paper. Now. Hope everything is alright. My cough still there. Bad. I can hardly sleep at night. Kept coughing and waking up since 5am. Terrible.

I hardly did anything today. Came back from farewell lunch for GF which cost $30, did a little bit of things and after that, I was dragged to the Recreation Club meeting. Sigh… all the way till 6.30pm, where I was dragged by my I. PM for a talk. Firstly, apparently he don’t really know if I’m going for the FA or BA position. All the while, he thought I’m going to the New G to be a BA under D. =.=”’ But actually i’m going to be an FA under BY. Sigh… Then he told me that he couldn’t find any replacement even after interviewing like 30 over people. Hmm… Seriously speaking, I don’t see him interviewing THAT MANY people. Wonder where those people came from?? Or probably it’s just the number of resumes that he had LOOKED through. Sigh… I just hope BY can hold his stand. I seriously don’t feel like doing coding again. If it’s a little bit, I’m fine. But seems like my stupid PM don’t really want to let me go. Damn! Then why did he want to push another person to New G when there isn’t a need to?!! =.=”’ Let you and BY sort it out. … Must also see I’m agreeable right?!

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