6 a.m., Slightly Better

Wow… 7.30am and I’m right in front of my computer at home. Bravo… Tired? Yes, of course… Yesterday I woke up at 5am because I kept coughing. Today I woke up at 6am because of the stupid cough. Great… Simply marvelous. I’m tired like crazy… I did the facial routine since last Monday (17 March 2008). Wonder if it helps.

Morning: Cleanser (Nivea), Moisturiser (L’oreal Hydrafresh Gel), Sunblock (Vichy)
Night: Cleansing Oil (Fancl), Cleanser (SK-II), Toner (SK-II), Essence (SK-II)

Well… till now I don’t really see much difference yet…

My Darling came after his paper! SOOOOOO SWEEEEEET!! ^^ He’s actually really quite sweet although after he came, he started playing the xBox and nothing else. But it’s alright! I still love him all the same. To have him beside me is good enough! Hmm… for now, I need to get well. Else I won’t be able to go to Noble House and eat this Saturday!

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