Emails, are meant to be read when you received. NOT to just keep it and that’s it. =.=”’ My I. PM came asking me about this and that, when I ALREADY sent him those email yesterday. Don’t understand… does he really read those emails that he received? Next time when send to him, must put his name in UPPERCASE. Sigh… I think I better send my leave application for June soon. In May there’s 2 public holiday, so it should be alright.

The doctor told me that one of the medicine that I ate, might caused my hands to tremble, or my heart will beat a little bit faster. My hands are trembling… Hmm… I wonder if this is the caused of it. So tired. 6.48pm already. I’m waiting for PC to go home together. I’m not doing OT in the office. I need to go home for dinner else I won’t recover. Misses my Darling… What is he doing now? Oh yes, my leave approved already. For 19 and 20 June 2008. *smile…*

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