Drowsy, On Medication

Oh… I feel so drowsy after taking the medication before I left for work. I coughed till quite badly yesterday. I’m in the office now. Today is ZZ’s last paper. He must be really happy. Heard from him that KC and JK will be going to study. I also want to study. But do I have the time? WH asked me to help her gf to create a website because she wanted to start a business. Do I have the time too? We’ll see…

Just now had lunch with Uncle CY, who worked at Capital Tower. Went to the G2000 to shop for a white coloured pants but it all looks the same to me. Eventually settled on one with the material having strips one. Not too bad but cost $69. Luckily my sister’s friend got 50% discount. Hopefully tonight when she go to the Bishan Branch, this pants is available. Took the cough syrup again… I getting drowsy. Just now ate Burger King… Hopefully it doesn’t worsen my cough. I only had 3/4 mushroom swiss, less than 10 fries and a packet of milk. I WANT TO GET WELL SOON!

Cough and cough and still coughing… When will I recover?

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