Zhu Zhu Is 26!

Ever since I fell sick almost 2 weeks ago, I realized I don’t really have the mood to hug my Darling. Or maybe it’s the work load that’s causing me to feel that. Tired… But today, it’s Zhu Zhu’s 26th birthday! What’s his wish? To earn more money! We are going to Noble House for dinner tonight! But I’m still sick. I woke up already. From the coughing. But today, 7.30am then woke up. Is it because I took the cough syrup rather late the night before? Hmm… I think I can start doing my work already. Tomorrow need to migrate the business users. Must ensure that everything is smooth.

Went to meet Zhu Zhu in the evening after his work at Suntec City and I bought 5 bottles of moisturiser from Body Shop warehouse sale! Each cost only $8.00, U.P. $18.90! I saved like $10 for every bottle! *LOL* Zhu Zhu was so =.=”’ after knowing that we had to queue like 15 minutes to get into the sale, and another 30 minutes to queue up to pay. In the end, we managed to reach Noble House for dinner with K&G at around 8pm (late for half an hour). Well, I DID admit that it’s my fault for being late. The dinner was nice. Leon finally brought his gf to the dinner. His gf… Hmm… alright, same as in the photo. We ate, a lot, before we finally went to Esplanade… the bridge there and took a lot of photos. Some stupid ones, requested by Ken. It was fun though. We went home around 12am++. Zhu Zhu is 26 years old! Time really flies… When I first knew him, he was 24 years old, and I’m 26. ^^

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