Working On A Sunday

I… working on a Sunday. Headache. Must be stressing myself too much. Must be. Went to Autobacs in the morning and bought some car accessories. We changed the theme to “The Nightmare before Christmas” because we saw a really nice mirror for that. It’s really nice. Well… there goes the Chip & Dale. Hmm… that reminds me… I haven’t watch that movie before! Maybe I should watch that movie…

Today is a SUNDAY and there’s deployment. WZ seems bored. Especially when Ah Xin kept bothering him and don’t let him play the game. Hmm… But… I’m busy… Luckily… I only spent about 4 hours on it. But after that, he played this new game – Grand Theft Auto, till he don’t want to go back home. Eventually, we still did because he’s working at TPY HDB tomorrow.

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