Is it that fun to play MJ? I know how to play since I’m 7. Now, it seems so boring to me. But why? Why does so many people like to play it? Maybe I shouldn’t have taught him. I don’t mind him playing, occasionally, with his friends, those that I know well and that I’m around. But not when I’m not there and he’s playing right? Then what about me??? Put a MJ table in his house? Yes… right… How does that sounds to you? I don’t mind as much if you are meeting your friends for dinner or what, but playing MJ seems so ridiculous. I mean… The weekend is ONLY that short! Probably you would rather I go to the PHP now… Then there won’t be any “government”. Why do I want to get attached in the first place…

How does it feel to be under someone whom you think is totally almost useless? TERRIBLE. SUCKS. I wish I can get out of here as fast as possible. Being under him for too long, I think I will really die. My blood’s pressure seems somewhat high recently. Else, I think my blood will run dry from the vomiting of blood. GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Darling called me… Alright… He’s nice. Everything solved. But I really still want to kill my I.P.M..

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