Thats our nickname in the forum! Cute right? ^^ Saw RN’s msn message… “RN loves EN” Well… I just don’t feel good because somehow… as a friend, he’s not honest at all. What’s there to hide?… I’m going PHP soon, Sunday at 1320. Sigh… Kind of… But…Still don’t know the car plate no. yet… *Waiting*… […]

Smoke Bombs

You know what smoke bombs are for? It’s for throwing at people and making people unclear about the real situations. But he… still suck at it. It’s 10.46am and I’m so amused by the things he said this morning. Today, by right, there’s about 6 tickets to be deployed. So I checked with him in […]

No Other Choice

Why are they always like that? To leave people with no other choices except to go… or to GO… Sigh… And I really feel like killing my stupid idiotic IPM. Everything also assign to me. As long as it’s old website, he will BLINDLY just assign it to me. Stupid…It’s so much nicer to be […]

You Wait. I Wait.

I’m doing the data migration now. Suckily, it’s on a Sunday. Yes. Why? Because that stupid idiotic rich girl Fen is on ANNUAL LEAVE tomorrow. What… What can we do? She’s the client… And YuF is helping me to do the data migration. It seriously is a bit difficult to guide him when one is […]

Go OR Nothing

Thats the feeling I get… It’s either I go and work like slave, else I get nothing and probably will stay stagnant. That’s not how they asked me. BY first told me that being an FA, I’ll need to travel around. I’m fine with that. Then he asked if it’s possible for me to station […]

Selecting The Flat

Its finally the day for our appointment! We listed about 12 options… Hopefully can get our first few choices! So SCARY! I reached office already. Later going off at 12pm for HDB. Go earlier probably can “jump” the queue! OOPS!We got the flat!! #07-821!! Hee hee… Not too bad, we got our first choice of […]

Scheming The Revenge

I will get back at him. Enough… I’ll make sure he leaves this company. Such an incompetent person. Waste company’s money. Take so much money but do so little work.TMD! Really everyday sure get pissed by him! Bloody hell… Brainless one! Never consult other people then just do it on his own. What is that?!Yes! […]

Waste My Time

Sometimes I really think that IPM of my team, really likes to do extra thing. Asked me to generate the excel at the end of the day. And just now when I generate again, there isn’t much difference! What’s the point? As if they all wants to read it at the end of the day. […]

Long List Of Bugs

Back in office. The cough getting a lot better. Must be the stronger dose of anti-biotics. But… sigh… That IPM… assigned a LONG LIST of bugs to me. Winner… I clear until I’m so tired… And the flats!! All our top 3 units are gone!! *CRY* Sigh… wonder if still got any left by the […]

First 20 Choices

I took MC today. Really too tired and my cough… I’d been coughing for 35 days already. And it’s really a bit tiring. The doctor gave me anti-biotics. As usual, he asked me to go A&E but I declined. =.=”’ Why always ask me to go A&E?!Went Zhu Zhu’s house at 2.30pm. So sad… because […]