Darling Doing OT

Wednesday already. Darling will be doing OT today, for the EBS thing. And tomorrow too. And Saturday too. Just now in the morning, it was so funny! I grabbed him before he went out. Must be really tired now. *wink*

If you look at the news, it’s always this price go up, that price go up, the shares drop etc… Sigh… Is the economy really getting that bad? Came out from a 1-hour meeting just now. What else? Always get scolded… Deployment got problem yesterday. A lot of problem. Instructions not clear. Permissions got problem. I think it’s more of communication problem. Oh oh! And my PM… I think he always repeat people’s sentence. Parrot.

Backs aching. Time to go off already. Just finished searching for the wine appreciation classes. 7 emails sent. Will have to wait for reply. Maybe should start looking for the next one. What’s the next one? Tea appreciation on the 18 July 2008. Still rather long. Think that one can wait for a little while. 3 months more. Oh, I got one reply already – from Adrian, and I thought it’s our Adrian. *giggles*

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