No Hope

Sigh… Think there’s not much hope for Damai Grove. Left 456 units for Chinese. 456… I supposed its only those that people don’t want… Even if left 100 units… Those level 5 and below, you think I want that? Sigh… It’s so bloody hot nowadays. And I realized that it’s so freaking expensive to have breakfast in this area. Think I better buy my cereal. And I think the price of cereal also increased! Damn it!

Oh my GOODNESS! It’s so TERRIBLE! Just now I had wanted to go and buy the Missy Muffins and guess what happened? IT WS SOLD OUT! DAMN! DAMN THE SINGAPOREANS! There isn’t this kind of problem before the programme was aired on TV! Sigh… Anyway… Left 438 units. Urgh… Thats only like at most 4 hours later, and almost 20 units are snatched up.

EY having a very bad headache and went back home already. HY said tea break but… did he went for the break already? Seems like its going to rain soon. The whole sky is DARK. Zhu Zhu just now called and said that he won’t be staying overnight on Friday because he’s not working on Saturday. Sigh… lie to me… *CRY*

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