Unexpected Horror!!

I got woke up by my Darling at around 3am+ in the morning. It was my hp. There’s a SMS. I read and saw that IC need me and EY to go to PHP. I replied “OK. When?” and fell asleep. The next moment when I woke up and saw EY’s SMS. It said “I’m booking the tickets at 5pm for today. You want me to help you to book?” *SCREAM*

We didn’t manage to go and swim because the swimming pool was so packed! And my Darling was grumbling and grumbling. Then when I reached back, and couldn’t find EY nor any notebook, he kept grumbling and grumbling till I got so fed up and asked him to stop. Hmm… Bad? But I really can’t think at that point. Even if he gave me any solution, I probably will be too vexed to think. BUT, its okay! Because… I STILL LOVE HIM A LOT! I really do!!

The rest of the day happened very fast. We went to Terminal 2 for lunch. Then shortly, met with EY and then… I was on board the plane. Without my Darling… Sigh… And I watched a movie – P.S. I love you – till I cried. I really meant cried! (I thought I watched that movie before… after I finished watching it)… Reached there at 8pm. Waited for a van to come and fetch us. Met BY at the lobby at our apartment (West of Ayala). Dropped our luggage and went to the office… and then subsequently… it’s work and work and work till 6am in the morning…

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