Must “Act”

IC said must “Act” when WT is here. “Act” like we are really working hard so that she can explained why we are here. HELLO! Are you sure we need to act??!! It’s not as if we are surfing internet till 6am! *($^!(#*!)%$# It’s rather unfair for her to say that! I never even question anything when she asked me to come here that day!

Just had JolliBee for dinner. It’s a… McDonald-like fast food restaurant in PHP. Not too bad. Rather crowded. I ate this value meal which consists of some spaghetti (nice!), one piece of original chicken, one lump of rice, a bit of corn and two small pieces of brownies (sweet but nice!)! I took some photos of it. Then I bought a Happy Meal from McDonald! It’s a Hello Kitty Jewel Collection box. I haven’t open it yet. Later maybe. ^^ Now it’s 8.24pm. Trying to finish doing all the work, such that they have no reasons to ask us to stay. Still don’t really understand why there’s a need for me to be DOWN here. =.=”’

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