I Want To Go Home

Today is only the 4th day and I wished I’m back home already… There’s a lot of war going on around here. SHOOT here, SHOOT there. Then people’s temper getting bad. Words used also not that good. Then I’ve got people “nagging” at me almost everyday… It’s not as if I volunteered to come here. Yesterday went Casino at Hyatt Hotel. It’s rather small, 3 levels. The jackpot minimum amount is 10 pesos, that’s like 30 cents. WT lost. YB won. Me? I don’t have the luck. IC never played all these before. I reached back at 5am in the morning. Had wanted to take photos of the night scenery. Amazingly, after I finished bathing at 5.30am. The sky was totally bright! Sigh… I better get back to work already. Else later will get “shoot”.

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