Down With Her!!

WTF! Working like slaves… She thought we are maids is it? Command us to do this and that. Yes… that’s right, even YB said that IC really know how to command the maid to do things. Do you know what happened yesterday? At like 6am in the morning, just because she couldn’t find her pants (which was on the table ever since the day I reached), she went to wake the maid up! Crazy right? I mean… Then for the past few days, they woke up and started using their notebook, but me? I’ve got nothing, so I just sat there and stone. Yesterday morning, I was so pissed off because I asked her if we can go earlier, then she said “OK” but continued to do her work… WTF! I was so pissed I messaged EY and went to have lunch with him, HS and P. Then now… after working so hard for this project, I don’t feel appreciated. Just send and email and ask if I got test the sites. This one never mind. Came in and just said, “Make sure the site is working by tomorrow morning”. Riiiigggghhhhhttt… Everyone is dying already, not just you. Even if you want to plan, plan properly. It’s ALL IMPROMPTU! And her attitude is really bad! You can’t always command people around. That day still tell me what… “You can’t always be nice to people. Sometimes you have to change your method. Sometimes have to be harshed.” Right… Has she been nice before? She talked to me as if it’s right for her to be fierce and that I should try to scold people also. SORRY… I’m not the kind who scold. I use convince one. And I know how it feels if someone get reprimanded, so as much as possible, I try to be NICE (only to those group of people who are nice to me).

Today we all never go to the office after that. Slept like 6.30am. Everybody K.O. already. WT woke up rather early. Or should I said, he got locked out by YB. *LOL* So he had no choice but to wake up and stay outside. He suggested to go shopping after that, at 2pm. But at 7pm, they were still working like mad. One thing I learned, if ever I were to come back to PHP again, I MUST have a notebook. Everyone is busy working but I just sat there, doing nothing. And who am I staying with again? WT, YB and IC. All workaholics. The moment they woke up, they will switch on their notebook and start working. Sigh… I feel so extra sitting there… So in the end, I went down to 2214 to watch TV. By the way, I stay in 3603. Hopefully tomorrow will open first prize! Well, we waited till so hungry, so asked the maid to cook before in the end, me, HS and EY went to the nearby KFC for “supper” at 11pm. I K.O. after that.

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