Changed Flight!

I’m going back tomorrow in the afternoon at 2.20pm! Yes! Finally going back! We change the flight to earlier. Heehee… AL treated curry puffs. Not bad. he’s quite a nice guy. Just that he always seem so “COOL”. Oh well, individuals have their own special ways. I’m trying to see if can finished the work fast and go shopping! WT and YB went back already. And I’m going to see my Zhu Zhu tomorrow!

We left IC alone at around 8pm and went shopping with HS and RT. It was rather fun. The shopping centres are huge! But we didn’t realy have the time to go shopping because we haven’t had our dinner. We went to a restaurant – Rockefella for dinner, a seafood restaurant. The food was nice and its not too expensive. Before that, HS was so funny as we scouted around for a nice place to eat. He actually “act” as a Korean and speak Korean! (But only that 2 common phrases). After that, we went to the spa…

Oh… The spa… What can I say… It’s the SHOCK OF MY LIFE! I took the top and bottom, and went in on my own, I mean… since it’s separated into Men’s and Women’s. So naturally, I went to the restroom and changed into the top and bottom given by them. Then I went to read all the notices before going into the hotpool section. So naturally again, since there’s a notice saying “Please clean yourself before going into the pool”, I just went to one “cubicle”, took of my top… but as I did that, suddenly something struck me… What am I going to wear when I’m in the pool? *STUNNED* I wore back my top, and walked out and read the notices again. Nope. Nothing. No sign of saying what each is supposed to wear. Nope. No sign of big towels. And just at that moment, I saw this naked Obaasan walking towards the door. *SCREAMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!* That was about it… I walked around that area for like near 20 minutes, considering if I should just heck care everything and jump into the pool naked also. I did. Slightly gross out. But I can’t deny the fact that the pool was rather great. 39 degrees celsius. Alone, naked in the pool. There was this cold room and saunas in the common area too. Thats where I met HS, EY and AL. The cold room was fun. So was the massage though it really kind of shocked me when the lady sort of “crack” my head and neck. One thing that pisses me off though, REALLY pisses me off… MY DARLING ACTUALLY WENT CLUBBING WITH HIS FRIENDS WITHOUT ME!! OF ALL THE THINGS!! Made me can’t sleep till early morning… TMD!!

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