I’m Going Home! *exclaimed*

I’m going home!! Yes!! FINALLY! It’s been a hectic week in PHP. With hardly any life at all, working for like 12 to 15 hours straight without stopping. And my cough getting worse. Terrible. But today I’m going home!

Scare me… As I was packing my luggage, suddenly IC came running in and saying that we might need to stay for 1 or 2 more days. I was like O.O”’ and asked her if its for real. So she started calling YB. Luckily YB said no need and asked us to come back first. *PHEW* And stupidly, when WT sent her an email asking her to form a group of developers in PHP, she asked if I’m interested and told me all the benefits, the better prospects etc but HEY! I gave up going to Japan and what makes her think that I will go PHP for 1 or 2 years? Crazy…

I finally reached SG! Was so happy as I waited for my luggage to come out. My whole family came! My parents, sister, Zhu Zhu, Godma and DW, Andrew, Hazel and Tyra! When I came out, Tyra came running towards me. Although it was only for a week, it feels like one month! We went to the HK cafe for dinner after that. Really so happy that I’m back! And my Darling is going to stay overnight at my house tonight! Yeah!

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