Sarcastic I.P.M.

Oh… Great… The moment I reached office, I was greeted by a somewhat sarcastic (at least the tone) “You are finally back.”… EZ came to talk to me. Told me about how the IPM and PM didn’t really appreciate that me and EY weren’t around. Hello! I sms the IPM early in the morning, and he should tell IC that I’m on leave. And EY was so tired, he still came. WTF! I complained a lot, from like 10.30am till lunch time. Really don’t understand how they were thinking. Sometimes think the PM still quite alright but for that IPM… it’s simply indescribable! =.=”’

I went home on the dot. Pissed with the work. Why should I stay? There’s totally no point in doing that. There are just some people whom you won’t want to fight the war side by side beside him/her.

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