A Day To Rot

Zhu Zhu playing XBox again… Is it that nice to play? Hmm… We played MJ and I won $6+, mostly from Darling! ^^ *feed my frog* We never do much for the whole day. Till about 7pm then asked my Dad to send us to City Hall. It’s terrible. His driving. At first he was driving still quite alright. But then his colleague called twice, and after the second time, he anyhow drove already… Sigh…

Well, we went shopping after that, but in the end, never buy a lot of things also. I was a little bit angry with WZ. I was hungry (which he didn’t know), and then he was the one who said he want to eat Ichiban, but after that chicken chop. So I suggested Outback. But when we were there, he said don’t want, because there’s nothing that he wants to eat. Sigh… Guys… so difficult to accomodate. But it’s alright, because I still love him a lot! ^^ My precious Darling!

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