Cancelled OT

Lazed at home till 10am before finally waking up. Zhu Zhu started playing game after he finished his breakfast =.=”’… XBox… Anyway, Alvin called and told him that the OT will be cancelled. So, there goes our “plan”. He can’t earned that $150 and he will have to go shopping with us!

So tired… We shopped for quite a while for the sofa and dining table around Paya Lebar area. Godma bought a dining table from Life Story which cost $599. It’s quite a good deal, honestly, since products for that brand always cost quite a lot.

So nice to have Darling accompany me for the whole day! Although most of the time at home he’s playing XBox. We went San He Yuan for dinner. So full! After that we went Bugis Junction to shop. Nope, never buy anything. I think if I buy some more things, my Darling will nag at me again. *nice nice*

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