First 20 Choices

I took MC today. Really too tired and my cough… I’d been coughing for 35 days already. And it’s really a bit tiring. The doctor gave me anti-biotics. As usual, he asked me to go A&E but I declined. =.=”’ Why always ask me to go A&E?!

Went Zhu Zhu’s house at 2.30pm. So sad… because he had only one helmet (yesterday he’s supposed to go and do OT), so I had to take bus on my own.

We sat down and chose the units for Damai Grove. Listed our first 20 choices. Hopefully by our turn, there’s still those that we wanted. Andrew called and said our Picanto will be coming on the 28th! But after registering, probably early May then can get the car. Well, hopefully before I go PHP. ^^ Went to watch at night. Quite nice except that its weird that all those people can actually speak English…

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