Waste My Time

Sometimes I really think that IPM of my team, really likes to do extra thing. Asked me to generate the excel at the end of the day. And just now when I generate again, there isn’t much difference! What’s the point? As if they all wants to read it at the end of the day. I mean, if for example, after I generated the excel file at the end of the day, and subsequently after that, there’s still a lot of people updating the Jira, I’m perfectly fine with it. But is there? Can someone just double confirm this for me?

F*** that stupid IPM! Just forward an email to me and put “FYA”. He thought I so free is it? Kept assigning things to me. Damn him!

Maybe I’m quite sick over the politics over here already. This one don’t like that one. That one don’t like another one. Even EZ’s reply seems so different nowadays… Sigh… What is the world becoming to?

F lor! What’s with the “!!”????!!!! Always just put “!!”!!! It isn’t that nice to put like that!!! F*!!!!!!! Why not 3 or four “!”!!! Damn it! Spoiled my whole day. Not going to do OT. Not for this kind of stupid shitty PM! NO EQ AT ALL!

First phase of migration finally finished in staging. I told my mum about the flat just now. Well, as expected, she wasn’t feeling very happy. She thought that it was too early. Maybe it really was… but the flat won’t be ready till 3 years later (earliest). But eventually, she accepted it. Just asked me to keep mum about this. I will, of course. Once bitten, twice shy. For now, let me concentrate on my career and the things that I really want to do. I’ve got a LOOOOOONG list… Let’s start with a few…

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