Scheming The Revenge

I will get back at him. Enough… I’ll make sure he leaves this company. Such an incompetent person. Waste company’s money. Take so much money but do so little work.

TMD! Really everyday sure get pissed by him! Bloody hell… Brainless one! Never consult other people then just do it on his own. What is that?!

Yes! Yes! GOOD NEWS!! BY just came to me and said that I can change! And I’m being assigned some of the things to do! But there’s a catch… I might need to go PHP quite often and station there… Hmm… Haven’t told my mum and Zhu Zhu about it yet. But well, I’m still young, should try it out first right? ^^ But anyway, I’m really happy! Oh… What about my Interior Design course?…

BY said he’ll get back to me again… Damn… Just when I really want to take the course, I might need to go overseas…

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