You Wait. I Wait.

I’m doing the data migration now. Suckily, it’s on a Sunday. Yes. Why? Because that stupid idiotic rich girl Fen is on ANNUAL LEAVE tomorrow. What… What can we do? She’s the client… And YuF is helping me to do the data migration. It seriously is a bit difficult to guide him when one is in PHP and the other in SG. But I still prefer to do that compared to me going over to PHP. IC kept asking me which part I’m at, how long it takes to finish. Seriously, I have no idea. I mean, she’s waiting, so am I. I had no idea what’s happening over there. … … TOO…

I’m at Zhu Zhu’s place now. Just had supper with my parents at TB Market. Now, rather full. Trying to give the feedback that WT wanted. Feedbacks… always asking us to give. Sigh… But my brain is dead. I’m not really that good in thinking about all these. This morning, when I woke up, I coughed and there was a sharp pain somewhere near my gastric area. I really mean sharp pain. Those that might just caused you to roll or kneel down onto the floor. Hopefully its nothing.

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