No Other Choice

Why are they always like that? To leave people with no other choices except to go… or to GO… Sigh… And I really feel like killing my stupid idiotic IPM. Everything also assign to me. As long as it’s old website, he will BLINDLY just assign it to me. Stupid…

It’s so much nicer to be in SG. Family, friends… all here… Can talk to Zhu Zhu for the whole day. Hug him to sleep at night. Weekend no need to work. Rather normal working hours. Why? What makes you think I will go PHP?

I don’t really have the mood to work. My mind is all on the PHP… Going on the 4th again. Sigh… I think I will be happier staying in SG. But… is the money good? Just now I had a talk with HK. They only had an extra of $1500 a month. $1500… isn’t a lot, right? That’s like $50 a day, for that OT. Calculating my pay, 8 hours of work a day (assuming 22 days a month), it should be about $20/hour. Which means… 4 weekends = 8 days = 64 hours = $1300 just for working 8 hours on all weekends. And if were to work 10 hours a day for each month, I should get an extra of about $2500. Forget it… they will never give that much. *Yawn* I’m so sick of all these.

I seriously dreaded talking to the IPM… *NO MOOD TO WORK*

And what about my braces…?

Went dinner with mum, godma, DW and WZ… without my sister. She bought a durian cake. Damn but never mind. ^^ She’s thirty-two and DW’s thirty and I’m soon going to be thirty-TOO!

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