Smoke Bombs

You know what smoke bombs are for? It’s for throwing at people and making people unclear about the real situations. But he… still suck at it. It’s 10.46am and I’m so amused by the things he said this morning. Today, by right, there’s about 6 tickets to be deployed. So I checked with him in the morning to see if the things are being deployed. And he confidently said, “Yes, deploying”… But… as I didn’t trust him already, I went to check with LL. And guess what? It had been postpone to TOMORROW MORNING. =.=”’ I wonder where he got the information from…

I really don’t like the IPM. He can’t seem to help us but give us more and more problems. Everything just assign to us will do. This kind of job… very easy to do right?… TMD.

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